About us

We are an Indian organisation engaged in the process of certifying the finest quality virgin hair extensions out to the world. We started establishing our expertise in the field in 2002. We have a combined experience of more than 45 years in dealing with 100% Natural Virgin Indian Human Hair.


  • Praveen Asok (Director Sales)
  • Prashant Ashok (Director)
  • Rashmi Asok (Director)
  • Gokul P Kannan (Director Operations)
  • Hari Bhanu Yadav (Manager Productions)
  • Sujatha Soman (Accounts)

THE PHILOSOPHY: We know that Happiness is a virtue which actually germinates from inside of us. The mental conditioning soon after we start defining the world around for ourselves make us believe otherwise. We look outside of ourselves and start depending on what we see around to better our definition of who we are. Mostly, we forget that when we look outside what we identify with is just a reflection of what we are within and hence we forget that the world is just a mirror and that we are supposed to better ourselves looking into it and that we should not compete with our own reflection and that we would surely fail in such a pursuit.

In reality, a better reflection is what one seeks from this exercise. A reflection in which we gain acceptance from our surroundings. A happier one which creates a happy world around it.

We in our initiative would like to help people reflect better, reflect more confidently of what they are inside, so that they look into the world with an eye which does not differentiate them from their own reflection. We are trying to help people find themselves in a manner which would allow them to be who they are without.

We in the process of believing so realized that hair is much more than just a commodity. It plays an important and defining role in the aspirations of individuals. Individuals who aspire to be and become better world citizens in an ever shrinking geography and as someone who cannot be divided further. A oneness that one feels when he/she resonates completely in rhythm with his or her surroundings which in turn helps in expanding one’s definition of self.

We thought of initiating this project in which we would try and speak for the hair. It is to be understood that every hair has a character, just as we humans do. Every strand of hair which is used in making our different products continue to represent the personalities which once the owner of the hair had. We thought of representing and being a voice to the character that each bundle of hair holds. We would like you to hear what the hair has to convey. We strive to improve the relationship that we hold with hair as time betters.

We believe that hair has the potential to create peace in the world.

THE MISSION :: to inspire women and men throughout the world to see all the possibilities of alternative hair.



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